II. Croatian CLILiG-Robotic-Championship 2019

The so called “Croatian CLILiG-Robotic-Championship” was founded in 2018, with DoxaKey as one of the partners to organize and sponsor it. CLILiG stands for: Content and Language Integrated Learning in German, so the project combines teaching Robotics with German as a Foreign Language.

The project is not just an event: Teams of teachers for IT/STEM and for German as a Foreign language are invited to take part in a series of workshops offered by IT-teachers from Ogulin and Doxakey trainers. After those workshops the teachers work together in supporting pupils from their primary or high schools, to get them acquainted with both subjects, so that they are well prepared to take part in the so called CLILiG-Robotic-Championship.

This annual event takes place in the high school in Ogulin. In 2019 the subject was: “Waste disposal: Robots in action”. 16 schools from all parts of Croatia took part in that event. DoxaKey took part in the opening ceremony, was part of the jury and the final ceremony with the handout of the cups for the winning teams.