VIII. DaF-Cup Zaprešić 2019

The International Handball-Tournament „DaF-Cup Zaprešić“ was founded in 2011. Its main goal is to bring young people together in international meetings and to promote German as the foreign language of their communication.
The tournament takes place once in a year, with handball teams from Austria (Graz), Germany (Niederkassel; Köln/Bonn), Hungary (Gyönk), Slovenia (Ptuj) and the Ukraine (Sokal) taking part. Host is Team “DaF CROATIA”, consisting of players from Zagreb, Koprivnica (northern Croatia, on the border to Hungary) and Zaprešić, a small town some 25 km west of Zagreb.
As part of the opening ceremony of the tournament, children from Kindergartens and students from primary schools up to the university level, give presentations to a certain subject in German. One of the main attractions of the tournament is the participation of the Team of European Handball-Diplomats/TED, that brings diplomats of the Embassies of Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and the Ukraine together, with Denis Spoljarić, a former world champion and gold medalist of Croatia, as the Team Captain. Every year Team TED plays a symbolic match against Team CEUS, the team of Central European Students, with young players of all teams taking part.
Among others, DoxaKey is one of the main supporters of the tournament since 2018. As part of the opening ceremony in 2019, DoxaKey gave a presentation of its educational program with Lego Mindstorm Robots.